Testimonial Star Rating - 1623627
by Christie Lea Thompson - 3/15/2020
AGC is the single best networking marketing thing that I've done for my business! I bought an annual membership in February, the first month that the group started. In addition, CEO Travis Sims is not only an excellent small business networker, but helps his members become a better networker.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 1452854
by gabe worre - 3/3/2020
been a member since the beginning, super cool to see the growth and relationships built over the last year! I definitely recommend a visit
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The Place to Be!
Testimonial Star Rating - 1352240
by Samanntha Rehman - 12/10/2019
AGC is definitely the place to be as an entrepreneur! The room is full of qualified, hard working business owners that are more than willing to help you grow your company! I highly recommend AGC Testimonial written by Samanntha Rehman on this site.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 1346080
by Les Hill - 12/7/2019
Having attended over three dozen events at this newest Networking Event phenomena in Minneapolis/St Paul I wanted to pass along the 5 stars and also share the fact that I have more that paid for my participation in new business and I have loved the way that the event works. Open networking, then a short AGC Invited Speaker gives 12-15 minutes of Educational speaking and then we go back to directed networking and with a great emphasis on personally getting to know people in the event and then setting up a face to face meeting at another time has been not only effective but very rewarding! I would like to thank Travis Sims the CEO and founder and his amazing staff at each event for the welcoming and warm engagement each event. Cheers and may your success continue to prosper. God Bless.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 1346079
by Sara Bunge - 12/7/2019
AGC Events are part of my monthly calendar and also my leadership team's calendars! The venues and time are great. However, the people that I have met are awesome! They are professional, open, and want to contribute to others success. The spirit of community, contribution and abundance are refreshing.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 1346082
by Steven Brand - 12/7/2019
AGC is a updated and classy way to network... and every time I attend an event I feel welcome and have met some great people. Travis knows how to help people with the systems to grow their businesses and AGC is an integral part of the plan. I plan on making more events across the metro this year!! ROCK ON.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 1346084
by Amy Theisen - 12/7/2019
I have been to many networking groups, organizations, and events and AGC stand at the top! I leave every event knowing I've strengthened relationships and met new people that are interesting and professional. The best part is I leave happy! The speakers have been varied and incredibly interesting and inspiring and each month AGC levels-up the talent they are putting on the stage. My AGC membership is turning into a family--that passes business and has fun!
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Testimonial Star Rating - 1346081
by Eddie Nestingen - 12/7/2019
This has been a great way for me to meet professional people and grow my business. The meeting times and venues work well. Come and check us out.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 1346083
by Lee Skolasinski - 12/6/2019
I started attending, then became a member, and followed this by volunteering with AGC. Networking at AGC is very comfortable, as the events are created to be a relaxed endeavor. Even if one attends the same location multiple times, there are always new people to meet. The CEO and Founder, Travis Sims, is very authentic as a person and this is evident in his approach to helping others network.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 1299957
by Bo Young - 12/4/2019
I live an hour away from most of the events, yet the professionalism, speakers, and audience are worth every visit! One visit convinced me it was worth not only the membership but also an annual sponsorship. If you haven’t attended an event you should!
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Testimonial Star Rating - 1299956
by Adam Schneider - 12/4/2019
AGC has become something that is routinely on my calendar and something that I look forward to. I always meet new professionals and the atmosphere is very welcoming. If you haven't checked them out yet, do it! You won't regret it.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 1299958
by Glen Kadelbach - 12/4/2019
AGC is a great event to go, relax, have fun and meet new people. People that are open to networking and sharing ideas. If you are looking for a super way to grow your business or get connected with more like minded people, AGC is the place to make that happen.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 1299959
by Ronald Henderson - 12/4/2019
I have been the keynote speaker at two of the AGC events and I have to say that Travis does a nice job at his events as a speaker that is used to getting paid well for my keynotes I was hesitant at first to speak at his event because Travis does not pay his speakers, but after speaking with several AGC members and hearing so many positive remarks about his meetings. I decided to sign up to be one of his keynote speakers. And I must say I had a great time. The audience received my presentation enthusiastically both times. I attributed their response to my preparation and knowledge about my subject matter. In closing I must say I met many wonderful and engaging members and would highly recommend AGC, to any one that is looking to connect with successful business owners. My last presentation was on Turning your when into now!
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Testimonial Star Rating - 1121956
by Burke Mays - 8/3/2019
I love attending AGC events. They offer great after hours networking events done professionally combined with TED-style motivational talks.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 1002841
by Patrick Nau - 4/19/2019
It is a fantastic organization. I joined at the very first meeting and just love it! Great networking and excellent speakers, what more could you ask for!! Oh yeah, there are always great hors d'oeuvres. too.
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Testimonial Star Rating - 1002341
by Josh John - 4/19/2019
I’ve gone to several of these events all over the city. It’s been really fun to meet all kinds of new faces and professionals like some of the best networking organizations available. What seems to really set AGC apart is the incredible speakers that are curated for the event. They always bring powerful insights and teaching that I am able to apply in the coming weeks as I continue to grow my business. Looking forward to attending the next event
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Testimonial Star Rating - 993053
by Alex Thompson - 4/13/2019
Wonderful place to meet people and build connections no matter your industry or place in life.
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